Suppliers of Pedestrian Operated Self-erecting Tower & City Cranes

Ladybird Crane Hire

Specialising in the UK wide hire of pedestrian operated tower cranes and lifting equipment.

We offer a wide range of radio remote controlled cranes with jib lengths from 20m to 52m.

Select from a fleet of over 80 Potain tower cranes, a global brand with a leading reputation for quality and innovation.

Operating for a newly built 6 acre site in the centre of the country, we are the hire company of choice for market leading products and service.

Self Erecting Tower Cranes
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Reduce vehicle movements
  • Quiet in operation
  • Ability to fold jib back at night to reduce oversailing
  • Run on single or 3 phase electricity
City Tower Cranes
  • Full-time cab based operator is not required
  • Extended jib lengths and mast heights when compared to Self-erecting Cranes
  • Reduced personnel on lifting team compared to larger cranes
  • Ability to fit inside lift shafts
  • Ideal for restricted sites
Self Propelling Cranes
  • Mobile self-erecting tower cranes
  • 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer
  • Rapid set-up times
  • Can be driven fully erected
  • Ideal for roofing and off-site construction
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Industry Report

The Crane Hire Market

There are a large number of crane hire companies in the UK mostly supplying traditional cab manned tower cranes.  Most crane hire companies are relatively small with a few cranes that they hire over a limited area.  With over 70 self erecting and tower cranes available, Ladybird Crane Hire can deliver to and support sites throughout the UK.
We have engineers based in the Birmingham, Leeds, South West and London areas and we are able to respond quickly to your needs.

Ladybird Crane Hire is very different to most crane hire companies in the UK.  We specialise in the supply of pedestrian operated self erecting cranes and "city class" tower cranes.  Our cranes are a new type of jib crane recently introduced to the UK.

Most builders will only seek to hire a "tower crane", "jib crane", "heavy lifting appliance", or "crane and lifting equipment" when they have a job large enough to justify the cost.  Builders are often unaware of the cost saving opportunities available from hiring a pedestrian operated crane

Builders traditionally discover new suppliers through personal recommendation, although the use of the internet in finding suppliers is becoming more popular.  Builders will usually be searching the internet for a jib crane, tower crane,  or lifting equipment hire company.  These searches made by builders will hopefully come accross this website and then these builders will realise that in future they can search for "self erecting crane" or "city crane" or "city/tower crane" or "pedestrian operated crane".

Ladybird Crane Hire

Ladybird Crane Hire has been operating its hire fleet since 2003. We have built a reputation in the crane hire industry for product excellence and for efficient service.

The majority of our crane hire fleet is less than five years old and still under warranty. We only source the best brands in the industry for both cranes and lifting equipment accessories.

As the largest provider of pedestrian operated cranes in the UK crane hire market we are able to offer some of the best prices for weekly hire rates, transport and erection.

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