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New Inspection Cameras – October 2018

Motor Cameras on a MCT88 To help sites meet their H&S requirements, we have developed inspection cameras to reduce the need to climb our City Cranes so regularly.

The cameras are solar powered and operate via 3G to give the operator views of both the hoist motor and the trolley motor. This allows the operator to pick up any issues quickly and from the safety of the ground.

Ladybird IGO50 features in Potain Encore film – June 2018

Potain Refurbishment Video Potain have created a short film to promote their crane refurbishment service, the ‘Encore’ program. The film features one of our IGO50s being completely stripped down and rebuilt at the factory in France.

To view the YouTube film follow the link -

Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018 – May 2018

Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018 As part of our on-going fleet refurbishment program all of our older IGO50s are being completely rebuilt by the manufacturer at their factory in France.

The quality of the work is so good that we took a rebuilt crane to this year’s Vertikal Days show at Donnington Park.

In the words of everyone who inspected it, it looked "as good as new!"

New Brochure Ready for 2018 – January 2018

Laydbird Brochure 2018 We have updated our brochure to keep customers up to date with the newest and most advanced cranes in their class.

With the introduction of the new HUP cranes in 2017 and the rolling replacement of the MC68s with the topless MCT68 cranes and the HD40s with IGO42s, our brochure has been updated to reflect the fleet in 2018.

A copy of the version is available to download from the website or better still, give us a call and we can visit you on site to give you a copy in person!

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the brochure (20Mb)

First Hup40-30 Crane in the UK – April 2017

The Hup40-30 started production in January 2017 and Ladybird Cranes ordered the first units destined for the UK.

A machine has gone straight to work in central London at a site where only the Hup40-30 would do. The building work required materials to be lifted over an existing 20m tall structure as part of a major renovation and the only position to site the crane was on the highway. An ordinary IGO self-erecting crane would not have been tall enough to clear the building and a city crane would have placed too high a loading onto the highway.

The Hup40-30 was erected in a single day on specialist road mats and is working well. The crane can be folded back to 13m at the end of the day to reduce oversailing whilst in free-slew, ideal for a city location.

Hup32-27 Testing in our New Yard – January 2017

HUP 32-27 in Yard We have added the new Hup32-27 cranes to our hire fleet. One new unit is already out on hire and another is erected in our yard for initial testing and to erect a permanent yard crane.

The Hup32-27 is the replacement to the popular IGO36 but has the advantage of 27m of height under the hook allowing it to work on taller buildings and work above most trees.

Crane Refurbishment Program Underway – November 16

We have started a program to refurbish older cranes by sending cranes back to the manufacturer's factory for complete rebuilds. The program includes the replacement of slew ring bolts, pendant ropes, and other worn items. All motors have the bearings replaced and are rewound and the electrical cabinet is completely disassembled and rebuilt. Cosmetically the crane is stripped down, repainted and returned looking as good as new.

New HUP32-27 launched in the UK – June 2016

New HUP32-27 The first of Potain’s innovative new telescopic mast self-erecting cranes will arrive in the UK in June 2016. The first HUP32-27 will arrive for the Vertikal trade show before starting work in Ladybird Cranes’ hire fleet.

The HUP32-27 is the first crane in a completely new range of cranes set to take over from the IGO range of cranes. The HUP’s most impressive feature is a telescopic mast that allows increased height under hook of up to 27m. This will allow the cranes to work on buildings up to 7-8 stories in height and work over the top of high trees and over other self-erecting cranes on the same site.

Other features include a high speed hoisting winch, more precise slewing controls and full colour display on the handset to give the driver better information and feedback.

A big brother to the crane will be launched in 2017 with a 40m jib and an impressive 30m under the hook, the HUP40-30.

First IGO42s – October 2015

New IGO 42 As part of our rolling fleet replacement program we have added 2 new Potain IGO42 tower cranes to our hire fleet to replace our original HD40 cranes. The IGO42s have a 36m reach and retain the HD40s compact base with 4.2m centres on the feet and a 2.5m slew radius. The new cranes boast the same technology as the rest of our IGO hire fleet including processor controlled safety systems, full data feedback on the radio remote and optimising inverter controlled motors.

IGO42 newly installed on site in Dover, it’s raining!

New Yard Under Way – July 2015

New Yard Under Way As part of our long term plans to provide a high quality service to our customers we have started work to renovate and move into a newly built yard facility. On the site of a former prison, near our existing office in Bromsgrove, we are currently in a demolition phase of work before we build a new workshop and training centre with a view to moving in the spring of 2016.

The new facility will enable us to carry out more complex in-house engineering work, offer a wider range of training course and offer crane storage to our customers and other contractors. It is an exciting time and it is unusual for a new plant yard to be a significant improvement on the buildings that were there before!

Crane Star Data Logging – May 2015

CraneST*R Our latest MCT88 tower cranes delivered in 2015 are now supplied with Potain’s market leading Crane Star data logging system. The Crane Star system provides real time information on the crane’s performance measuring wind speed, crane and motion hours and work intensity.

This level of crane usage data is increasingly being requested by hirers to ensure that cranes are being safely operated and allows us to ensure that cranes are serviced appropriately to their use.

For more information on the Potain system go to: Manitowoc -> Cranestar

Wide Wheels – March 2015

GAPO Wide Wheels We have invested in specially designed wide wheels for our GAPO transport system. The GAPO is the fastest and safest way of moving our cranes off the low-loader transport and into position on site. However the cranes are heavy and the ground is often poor and to reduce the chance of sinking we are now running on extra wide tyres.

This has made an immediate difference and we are now installing the cranes even more smoothly and safely.

New Service Vehicles – Summer 2014

New IGO 50 Following a long awaited and much deserved upgrade on our vans it has taken until now to get all the new vans in the same place when the sun is shining. So here it is at last, a picture from our yard showing the equipment that we use to keep the show on the road, now with air-conditioning!

The IGO21, a go anywhere crane – April 2014

IGO21 An IGO21 has been used to place glass sheets on the roof of a 9 story building in central London. The crane was chosen for its low weight and point loadings which allowed it to be lifted by the on site tower cranes and sit on the rails of the window cleaning gantry. As part of the job it has had to be repositioned twice allowing for plenty of photo opportunities!

National Trust Renovation – March 2014

Some pictures from one of our more glamorous projects show an Igo50 on location at the National Trust's Attingham Park in Shropshire. The crane is being used to assist with the replacement of the steels supporting the largest glass atrium in the UK. The IGO50 was chosen for its height and reach and relatively low point loadings. A matted timber base 8m x 8m in size is being used to spread the load over the lawn.

Crane on slipway - June 2013

IGO21 An IGO21 has been floated across Swansea Bay and lifted into position on the newly re-built slipway of the Mumbles RNLI station. The crane will finish the work started by our MCT88 crane that completed the first stage of the work on the replacement lifeboat station.

Once the crane has finished lifting in the final pieces of the building it will be folded down and winched inside the building whilst the stillage is deconstructed. It will then make the maiden launch of the new slipway onto a waiting landing craft; not something that an IGO21 does everyday!

New IGO50’s enter the hire fleet - February 2013

New IGO 50 Due to a rising demand and a commitment to keep our hire fleet in the best possible order we have taken delivery of two new Potain IGO50s. It has been a long time since a new tower crane of any kind has started work in the UK construction market so there was great anticipation when two new IGO50s arrived with us in February.

The cranes are suitably shiny and Potain have continued to improve the machines introducing the latest radio remote and processor technology.

Fortunately we have not had to spend too long admiring them in the yard and they are at work on a high end residential project in Surrey and on a flat building project in the West Midlands.

For a link to the related press release see:

New safety equipment for the Yard - Jan 2013

Loading Platforms Two new loading platforms have been delivered to our yard to improve site safety during the loading and unloading of trailers.

Reducing falls from height has become an industry wide priority in recent years and these platforms have hugely reduced the risk of dangerous falls and also made it far easier and faster for our yard team to access the trailer decks. All we need to do now is persuade every building site to have them!

Round the Bend - Oct 2012

Gapo and MCT68 The problem: site access too restricted to allow a delivery truck access to the unloading area.

The solution: an innovative adaption to our GAPO transport system to allow us to 4 wheel steer each section of the crane into site. Once dropped on to the system by lorry loader outside the site, the unit was then able to be driven and turned within its own length to reach the 50 ton mobile crane inside the site. The crane erection was completed within the day and the happy customer is looking forward to seeing it all happen again in a few months time when the crane comes down.

IGO50 Rises from the Ashes - June 2012

Risen from the Ashes Manitowoc UK have returned an IGO50 to service that had previously been thought beyond repair.

Following a devastating fire on site in Basingstoke in 2010 the IGO50 was so badly damaged that it was put aside for parts. However following an improvement in the second hand value of Potain’s 40m reach self-erecting crane and a reassessment of the repair costs, Ladybird Crane Hire agreed to purchase the repaired machine from Potain and the work commenced.

To tie in with Ladybird Cranes being appointed as UK distributors for Potain self-erecting cranes, a date was set for the work to be completed in time for the Vertikal Days show in Haydock Park in June. The rebuilt and repainted IGO50 looked as good as new and attracted plenty of interest at the trade show.

The project enabled Manitowoc UK to showcase the complexity and quality of work that they are able to undertake at the Buckingham depot and has enabled us to add to our popular IGO50 fleet with a crane that looks as good as new.

Seeing Double - May 2012

Seeing Double The famous Ladybird Landrover has been given a new lease of life this month with an identical (almost) replacement entering service.

Famous on the Landrover forums, the Ladybird Landrover has proved its worth time again. Capable of towing our GAPO transport machine it also acts as an everyday superhero saving the day with its winch when vehicles get stuck on site or motors need hoisting up a crane.

Delivered just in time, the new vehicle towed the old one back to the garage for a new gear box and general overhaul so it can continue use as a support vehicle.

Ladybird Crane Sales appointed as UK distributors for Potain GMA cranes. - April 2012

After many years of working closely with Potain UK, we are delighted to have been appointed as UK dealers for the Potain range of self erecting cranes. Since purchasing the UK rental fleet in 2003, we have continued a strong relationship with Potain and built up a hire fleet of their cranes.

After almost 10 years of working with the IGO range of cranes we have developed a wealth of experience in running and maintaining the equipment and are well placed to support sales to end users and hire companies across the mainland UK.

Potain distributors Whilst running our own teams of dedicated engineers and stocking a wide range of parts at our central UK depot, we will continue to work closely with Potain and be supported by their engineers and parts back up.

We will be exhibiting at the Vertikal Days show at Haydock Park in June and have committed to the new plant show, Plantworx at Stoneleigh in May 2013.

Manitowoc Press Release

New Cranes Aquired - Sept 2011

New Cranes Aquired Balfour Beatty Plant Fleet Services have agreed the sale of their remaining self-erecting crane fleet to Ladybird Crane Hire. When Balfour Beatty took the decision to sell part of it's non-core plant business, Ladybird had the demand and the specialist experience to make the purchases viable.

The two companies have worked closely in recent years cross-hiring machines and sharing labour and Ladybird has supplied cranes to Mansell's and Dean Dyball within the Balfour Beatty group.

Up on the roof - Oct 2011

IGO 50 on roof An IGO50 has been placed on a roof in the centre of Exeter as part of a retail redevelopment for the city. Ladybird Crane Hire has previous experience with landing cranes on rooftops for McAlpines in the centre of London and Midas Construction chose Ladybird to assist them in a similar project. The roads around the site were closed for a day whilst the crane was lifted on to a specially designed stillage to support the weight of the crane on the roof top. A crane is needed to refurbish and redevelop the existing city centre site.

Ladybird Goes Sailing - May 2011

IGO and GAPO on Raft As specialists in our field we never turn down the opportunity for unusual and challenging work and our latest project was one of the most complex yet.

A site on an island in Poole harbour needed an IGO50 crane to build a Canadian log house. To reach the site the crane had to be lifted onto a raft in Poole harbour and sailed to site on the highest tide of the month. It then had to drive up a narrow matted track to reach its position on a matted base. Our GAPO transport system allowed us to drive the crane off the raft and around some tight corners on site.

With the crane successfully up and running we are now studying the tide tables for the return trip!

For more photos of the crane on the island and of our self-erecting fleet see: SETC Gallery

Ladybird work included in CPA Best Practice Guidance

CPA Working at Height The CPA Best Practice Guidance for the safe use of self-erecting tower cranes has been updated in 2010 and includes examples of our work. The guidance is aimed at improving understanding and work practices relating to the safe use of self-erecting tower cranes.

LBCH have contributed to the work done and examples of our work in using harnesses when working at height on the ballast blocks and properly matting out base areas have been included in the document.

The document makes essential reading for anyone considering the hiring and operating of a self-erecting crane. The complete guidance can be found at the following address -

New Apprentice joins the team - Sept 2010

Construction Skills Ladybird Crane Hire is investing for the future by taking on an apprentice plant mechanic.  The three year course involves considerable amounts of full time study at the National Construction College and on-site learning with our own engineers.  The latest addition to the Ladybird Team will enable us to maintain our high levels of service and the quality of our work for many years to come. 

This is our first intake on what is planned to be an on-going apprenticeship programme so if you are interested in future opportunities, watch this space for further announcements.

Commitment to SED 2011 - July 2010

Following the cancellation of the 2010 event, we have committed to the 2011 show at the SED site in Corby. 

The show is the best opportunity to promote our crane sales division however it has also proved popular in the past for enquiries for used equipment, crane hire and operator training.

The show is the best opportunity to promote our crane sales division however it has also proved popular in the past for enquiries for used equipment, crane hire and operator training.

For more information on the show see

For details of our crane sales see

Fire Rescue Training - March 2010

Fire Rescue Training A Ladybird MCT68 tower crane was recently the centre of attention in Plymouth.

The local fire brigade used the crane, erected on a Leadbitter site, to practise their rescue procedures for recovering an injured person from height. They lowered a dummy using a harness system and also in a full stretcher.

The training was carried out on a Saturday and Ladybird provided an engineer to inspect the crane prior to the exercise taking place.

The sun was shining and it was a great day for photo opportunities!

Tower Crane Register - May 2010

HSE Tower Crane Register From 6 April 2010 all 'conventional' tower cranes on building sites in the UK have to be notified to the HSE. As the owner of a tower crane, Ladybird Crane Hire has a legal duty to notify the HSE of a crane's installation under the Notification of Conventional Tower Cranes Regulations 2010. The aim of the register is to improve the safe use of such tower cranes and to help reassure anyone concerned about their safety.

Our range of top-slewing City Cranes are subject to this legislation however our Self-Erecting Cranes are excluded.

For more information about the scheme please see

New for 2010 - Appointed Person Training Courses & CPCS Tests

Appointed Person Courses As part of our focus on providing a complete service to our customers, LBCH is now able to offer Appointed Person Training at its Training School.

Our training course is designed to train candidates in preparation for the CPCS test which can also be offered at our CPCS Accredited Test Centre.

Both courses are run over 4 days and the Appointed Person CPCS test, if required, is on the 5th day. A grant to cover the cost of the tests and a proportion of the training fee is available to full CITB levy payers.


First NVQ's completed - Sept 2009

Ladybird Training Facility Since our approval as a CPCS test centre in 2008 we have tested many operators in both the A40 Slinger/Signaller category and the A63 Pedestrian Operated Crane Driver Category. Once the tests have been completed, candidates are enrolled on the NVQ program which is the only route to progress from a CPCS red card to a CPCS blue card.

Funding for NVQ's is available for companies that pay the CITB levy.

Anyone interested in further details of our CPCS courses or to enrol on the NVQ should contact the training at our head office.

Company celebrates Long-Service Awards - June 2009

Two long standing employees reached landmark anniversaries in June 2009.

Jackie Carpenter in accounts and Peter Barrett in the field celebrated 30 years and 25 years of working for the company respectively.

The company has not always been focused on crane hire but it is the same company that was started 33 years ago serving the construction sector. The occasion was marked with a celebratory lunch for the whole company. Whilst Jackie is retiring soon, Peter is hoping to complete another 25 years before he retires!

SED 2009 - May 2009

GAPO Demonstration at SED 2009 Ladybird exhibited at the SED for the third consecutive year to promote both crane sales and crane hire. It was also the first time that the Gavarini GAPO towing system has been exhibited in the UK.

The show generated excellent interest from visitors looking to save money on up coming projects by turning to pedestrian operated cranes to solve their material handling issues.

The GAPO machine really caught the imagination and was demonstrated on request many times over the show. The GAPO allows cranes to be safely, quickly and cost effectively installed using its four wheel steering capability.

For more information on crane sales go to

Aberdeen work continues - June 2009

MCT68 - Aberdeen Our Potain MCT68 City Crane has continued is love affair with Aberdeen moving across town to work on a new apartment block for Barratt Homes.

The MCT68 is the first topless version of the MCT68 in the UK and can lift 1.1 tons at 46m; it has a 3.0 ton maximum lift.

The crane is positioned in the centre of town with a great view over the docks.

More Photos

The Impossible Installation? - Feb 2009

LBCH installed an IGO21 self-erecting crane on the end of the harbour in Mevagissey, Cornwall

The installation was only possible due to LBCH’s investment in the latest technology to allow us to 4 wheel steer the crane through the narrow Cornish streets. Click the attached link to see exactly how the job was done.

New Transport System Demonstration Day - Jan 2009

Self-propelled machine for moving Self-Erecting Tower Cranes GAPO Open Day Ladybird Crane Hire ran a demonstration day for a revolutionary new machine for moving Self-Erecting Tower Cranes on 12 January at their offices in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

The machine being demonstrated is a newly available self-propelled, four wheel steering transport system. Ladybird Crane Hire is the first company to have invested in this technology and ran a demonstration day to promote the benefits of the machine to customers and other crane owners with a view to hiring out the machine in the future.

The ‘GAPO’ has been developed over a period of 8 years by one of Italy’s major distributors and hirers of Potain tower cranes. The unit was created to improve the speed and safety of installation and removal of self-erecting cranes which can be difficult to install in particularly tight sites and on difficult terrain.

GAPO Open Day The system is composed of two independent hydrostatically driven wheels mounted either side of the engine and a hydraulic arm that connects to the crane capable of lifting 10 tons. The unit also has an auxiliary hydraulic circuit which is used for steering the rear wheels. In this way the machine can turn cranes in their own length and even drive them sideways. To date the ‘GAPO’ has been used on a number of jobs which would have otherwise required a large mobile crane.

The day passed smoothly with everyone being amazed at the capabilities of the machine and registering interest in either hiring or buying one. Ladybird Crane Hire will continue to market the ‘GAPO’ and intend to demonstrate it to a wider audience at the SED show in May. In the meantime they are looking for wider applications for the machine for use in transport yards and marinas.

Early Christmas Present for Installation Team - Dec 2008

GAPO 4 Wheel Steer Transport System In December we took delivery of a brand new transport system, the first of its type in the UK. Developed in Italy, the "GAPO" is a radio remote controlled, motorised, self-propelled, 4 wheel steering transport system. The unit has been designed to improve the speed, safety and manoeuvrability of our cranes during the installation and dismantle process.

To date the GAPO has already proved its worth by reaching previously inaccessible positions without the need for a mobile crane. This has saved the customer money and has improved our speed and efficiency on site.

Click here for more information on the benefits of our new machine

Ladybird invest for the future - October 2008

30T Industrial Hoist LBCH is committed to the future of promoting the benefits of self-erecting tower cranes in the UK market. As part of this commitment we have invested in our yard and support facilities and as part of our programme we have taken delivery of a 30 ton capacity industrial hoist. The hoist will enable us to handle all of our range of cranes onto trailers, transport systems and site axles and improve our productivity and turn around times in the yard.

Training Centre given CPCS accreditation - Sept 2008

Construction Plant Competance Scheme Logo LBCH has gained accreditation as a CPCS approved training centre.  Our training centre and trainers have met the high standards set by the CPCS and this allows us to offer top quality training in a highly specialised area of construction.

Our accreditation allows us to offer CPCS tests for a range of tower crane related skills including:
  • Slinger/Signaller courses (CPCS - A40)
  • Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane driver (CPCS – A63).
Our experienced instructors work closely together to ensure that candidates have the best possibility of passing the theory and practical tests as set by the CPCS.

All tests will be monitored by the CPCS to ensure that standards are maintained and to ensure that the candidate has a fair test, which due to the specifications and the complexity of the tests, will be conducted at the Ladybird Test Centre

For more information on our training services Click Here

For more information on the CPCS scheme see:

First MCT68 in the UK erected in Aberdeen

Potain MCT68 in Aberdeen The ever popular MCT68 has been updated to be a topless crane that does not require tie bars. This allows installations to be carried out more quickly and reduces the boom height required for the mobile crane. The MCT68 has a maximum lift of 3 tons and a maximum reach of 46m.

LBCH have purchased the first MCT68 to be erected in the UK and only the 3rd machine of its type to be produced.

This addition brings the number of topless tower cranes in the hire fleet to 17, being a mixture of Potain and Terex-Comedil machines, and the total fleet to 80 cranes. The crane has been installed in Aberdeen for Banchory Contractors with a 30m jib and 20m of mast.

First 50m reach tower crane enters hire fleet - April 2008

In response to strong customer demand we have expanded our range of pedestrian operated tower cranes to include the 50m reach top slewing MCT88. The crane is the big brother of the ever popular MCT68 and is able to lift 1.4 tons at 50m and has a 5.0 ton maximum lift. The crane can be supplied with a cab or a radio remote; it is the largest that can be legally operated this way. The first crane has been erected on an Octagon Developments site in Twickenham.

Ladybird fly the flag at SED 2008

Ladybird at the SED Ladybird Crane Sales exhibited a 30m reach self-erecting tower crane and a 40m reach top-slewing city crane at the SED show in May. The stand attracted people from across the industry who were interested in both buying and hiring pedestrian operated tower cranes.

For more information on crane sales go to

New Operations Manager appointed

Owing to our continued growth and desire to offer customers and our suppliers market leading service and support, LBCH has created a new Operations Manager position focusing on service and maintenance. Our new man, Richard, has had years of experience in the lift industry, dealing with service delivery at many levels and in more recent years has specialized on regulatory and operational audit compliance. He is already a valued part of the team here and is aiming to take the company towards an ISO9001-2000 Certification

Lighthouse Club - Sept 2009

Ladybird Crane Hire has made a commitment to be a corporate sponsor to the Lighthouse Club. The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund is the construction industry charity supporting supporting those whose lives are affected by accidents at work. We are proud to be a part of this worthwhile cause and look forward to continuing our support in the future. The Lighthouse Club Logo

Supporting the Serpentine Gallery – July 2007

Serpentine Gallery Ladybird worked with Bovis Lend Lease to build the 2007 Serpentine Gallery Pavillion. This is an event to support new architects and we were delighted to be involved in this unique project. A self-erecting crane was requested by the German builders to assemble the complex steel structure and panelling. In line with all the contractors on site our services were freely given and we look forward to helping again next year.

Ladybird reaches Scotland - July 2007

IGO21 - Edinburgh Ladybird Crane Hire has erected its first cranes in Scotland over the summer. The first crane was used to assist in demolition work at the Usher Theatre in central Edinburgh and the second crane is being used for a new build in Aberdeen.

Fleet reaches 75 cranes - Oct 2007

Continued demand for our pedestrian operated cranes has led to our fleet expanding to 75 units. Demand has been strong across all sizes of cranes however particularly strong demand has led to growth in the top slewing sector which now makes up one third of our fleet. All of the fleet is new with no crane being more than 6 years old.

First CTT51 in hire fleet

CTT51 - Swindon After continued growth in the demand for top slewing, radio remote control, cranes we have purchased and erected our first Terex-Comedil CTT51. The crane is erected on a Willmott Dixon site in Swindon where it is working on the refurbishment of the town library.

The CTT51 will lift 1,000kgs at 40m and stands on 1.0m mast; this makes it ideal for standing inside lift shafts.

Terex-Comedil enters hire fleet - February 2007

In order to grow the hire fleet efficiently Ladybird Crane Hire has moved to a mixed fleet of Potain and Terex-Comedil products.

The first Terex-Comedil self-erecting crane was delivered directly to site in Wimbledon. The crane is CBR24 Plus which has a 24m reach jib and a choice of single or three phase power.

The crane is being used to construct a new private house and is being folded down each day to avoid over-sailing restrictions.

First on-site CPCS Training Course - January 2007

As leaders in the field of pedestrian operated crane hire, Ladybird has been at the forefront of setting the standards for training in the industry. Our trainers are amongst only a few that are CPCS qulaified in the UK and in January delivered the first on-site CPCS 'Pedestrian Operated Tower Crane Driver' course to Laing O'Rourke at their site in Swansea. The course covers five days and can take up to three operators. Since then, further courses have been run for Willmott Dixon, Interserve and Galliford Try.

Dartmouth - Floating Crane - Jan 2007

Floating Crane - Dartmouth As a specialist in self-erecting cranes, Ladybird Crane Hire has always been able to achieve the seemingly impossible. This is exemplified by a project in Dartmouth for Midas Homes. The challenge was to build a new home by the river with access only from the river. The solution was to site an IGO21, 26m reach self-erecting crane, on a raft jacked up on the bed of the river. The logistics of achieving this involved a number of mobile crane lifts, barges and tugs however the installation went smoothly and the crane was operational at the beginning of December 2006. The job is set to run for 18 months.

Self Erecting Crane - In Use At Houses Of Parliament - April 2006

A Ladybird Self Erecting Crane is used at the Palace of Westminster (UK Parliament) to help carry out improvement to the surrounding grounds.

One of the reasons for choosing a Ladybird Self Erecting Crane is that it will not damage the ground of this "World Heritage Site".

Ladybird Crane Hire - Website Relaunch - March 2006

Ladybird Crane Hire relaunch their website, reflecting the continued success of the company.

How The Enterprise Was Created

Ladybird Crane Hire was founded in 2004.
Self erecting cranes have been in use on the continent for many years but were a technology unknown in the UK.
Self erecting cranes make it possible to use a crane on smaller builds compared to conventional cranes.
This is possible because of the comparitively lower transportation, installation and operational costs as well as the small on site footprint.
Quick Links

Industry Report

The Crane Hire Market

There are a large number of crane hire companies in the UK mostly supplying traditional cab manned tower cranes.  Most crane hire companies are relatively small with a few cranes that they hire over a limited area.  With over 70 self erecting and tower cranes available, Ladybird Crane Hire can deliver to and support sites throughout the UK.
We have engineers based in the Birmingham, Leeds, South West and London areas and we are able to respond quickly to your needs.

Ladybird Crane Hire is very different to most crane hire companies in the UK.  We specialise in the supply of pedestrian operated self erecting cranes and "city class" tower cranes.  Our cranes are a new type of jib crane recently introduced to the UK.

Most builders will only seek to hire a "tower crane", "jib crane", "heavy lifting appliance", or "crane and lifting equipment" when they have a job large enough to justify the cost.  Builders are often unaware of the cost saving opportunities available from hiring a pedestrian operated crane

Builders traditionally discover new suppliers through personal recommendation, although the use of the internet in finding suppliers is becoming more popular.  Builders will usually be searching the internet for a jib crane, tower crane,  or lifting equipment hire company.  These searches made by builders will hopefully come accross this website and then these builders will realise that in future they can search for "self erecting crane" or "city crane" or "city/tower crane" or "pedestrian operated crane".

Ladybird Crane Hire

Ladybird Crane Hire has been operating its hire fleet since 2003. We have built a reputation in the crane hire industry for product excellence and for efficient service.

The majority of our crane hire fleet is less than five years old and still under warranty. We only source the best brands in the industry for both cranes and lifting equipment accessories.

As the largest provider of pedestrian operated cranes in the UK crane hire market we are able to offer some of the best prices for weekly hire rates, transport and erection.

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