Potain MRH125 Luffing Crane November 2023
Potain MRH125 and Potain MDT219 Erected in the UK

In partnership with Potain and the Manitowoc Crane Group, Ladybird Crane Hire has access to a large rental fleet across the complete Potain range. This has given us greater scope to meet our customers’ needs and supply larger cranes.

Potain MDT219 Flat Top Crane

In June 2023 we installed an MRH125 hydraulic luffing jib crane in central Birmingham and in November we installed an MDT219 flat-top crane in Stafford. Both cranes were brand new and ideally suited to the job sites.

The MRH125 is fitted with a 40m jib and can lift 3.2 tons at 40m and 8 tons maximum. The MDT219 is built with the full 65m jib where it will lift 1.9 tons. It has a 10 ton maximum lift.

M21 inside a Gasometer December 2023
Ladybird Montalift M21 fits inside a Gas Tank

Our M21 Self-Propelled Tower Crane has proved to be the solution for a complex job in Edinburgh. The crane was needed as part of the refurbishment of the steels in a decommissioned gasometer.

M21 inside a Gasometer

The hirer used the 4-wheel driving, 4-wheel steering capabilities of the M21 to drive the crane down a steep ramp, and set it up in a number of different locations in the base of the old tank.

HUP40-30 at Sheffield October 2023
Hup40-30 at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

A Hup40-30 self-erecting tower crane has been installed at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital to work on the construction of a new Heli-pad for the main contractor, Pacy & Wheatley.

The Heli-pad is needed as currently access for helicopters is severely restricted and the new structure will allow much improved, year round access.

The Hup40-30 has a telescopic top mast giving up to 30m height under hook, ideal for working on tall buildings and occasionally, installing a Heli-pad.

For more information on the new building please see: https://www.sheffieldchildrens.nhs.uk/news/helipad/

ISO Accreditation July 21
Ladybird Cranes achieves ISO9001:2015

Ladybird Cranes has achieved the ISO9001 standard for our quality management system. This has seen a major investment of time into formalising our processes and systems to ensure that customers receive the best possible service.

Customer Portal

At a customer level this has seen the introduction of a new portal to streamline all paperwork and certificates in one place and the ability to give feedback on performance.

We have chosen to use the BSI, UKAS accredited management system to give the highest level of assurance to our work.

IGO36 at Bennerley Viaduct Oct 21
IGO36 at Bennerley Viaduct

An IGO36 has started work as part of the Bennerley Viaduct renovation, a grade 2* listed structure.
50 years after closing as a railway viaduct, the structure is being repaired and reopened as a footpath and cycle way. The crane is lifting up materials for the new deck and safety handrails.

IGO36 at Bennerley Viaduct

This has been made possible by the hard work of the Friends of Bennerley Viaduct. More information on the project can be found at: bennerleyviaduct.org.uk

IGO22 Training Crane Sept 20
New IGO22 Training Crane

An IGO22 has been erected at our CPCS Training Centre at Brockhill Yard. The crane replaces an older IGO21 and is the largest single phase self-erecting crane that Potain manufacture.

Our CPCS test centre offers A04c pedestrian operated crane driver and A40 slinger/signaller courses and tests. For more information see www.ladybirdtraining.co.uk

The mobile Montalift M21 in action May 19
MontaLift M21 Tower Crane added to the Hire Fleet

Ladybird Crane Hire will take delivery of the innovative MontaLift M21 Tower Crane at the Vertikal Days trade show in May 2019.

The M21 features a Potain IGO21 tower crane mounted on a self-propelled 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer chassis and independently powered by its own generator.

The manoeuvrability of the crane makes it ideal for building sites spread over a large area where the crane can be regularly moved.

It has proved popular for installing roofing panels, solar panels, and for installing larger pre-fabricated systems as part of off-site construction schemes.

Key features:
  • Lifts 700kg at 26m, maximum lift of 1,800kg
  • 20 kVA generator or 400v 3-phase mains
  • 4.0m x 4.0m outrigger centres
  • Can be driven whilst fully erected
Available for hire now!
The mobile Montalift M21
MCT88 Cranes onsite in London July 18
MCT88s working together in London
Installed during the early months of 2019, there are now 5 Potain MCT88 tower cranes working together in Stratford, East London.

Adjacent to the Copper Box Arena, the site is a new residential development being built by Balfour Beatty.

The MCT88s are all fitted with inspection safety cameras (see October 18) and AMCS anti collision systems. All of the cranes are operated by radio remote control increasing the site lifting team’s efficiency and reducing the working at height risks.

5 MCT88 Cranes onsite in London
Motor Cameras on a MCT88 Oct 18
New Inspection Cameras
To help sites meet their H&S requirements, we have developed inspection cameras to reduce the need to climb our City Cranes so regularly.

The cameras are solar powered and operate via 3G to give the operator views of both the hoist motor and the trolley motor. This allows the operator to pick up any issues quickly and from the safety of the ground.
Potain Refurbishment Video June 2018
Ladybird IGO50 features in Potain Encore film

Potain have created a short film to promote their crane refurbishment service, the ‘Encore’ program. The film features one of our IGO50s being completely stripped down and rebuilt at the factory in France.

To view the YouTube film follow the link -

Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018 May 2018
Refurbished IGO50 at Vertikal Days 2018
As part of our on-going fleet refurbishment program all of our older IGO50s are being completely rebuilt by the manufacturer at their factory in France.

The quality of the work is so good that we took a rebuilt crane to this year’s Vertikal Days show at Donnington Park.

In the words of everyone who inspected it, it looked "as good as new!"
Laydbird Brochure 2018 January 2018
New Brochure Ready for 2018
We have updated our brochure to keep customers up to date with the newest and most advanced cranes in their class.

With the introduction of the new HUP cranes in 2017 and the rolling replacement of the MC68s with the topless MCT68 cranes and the HD40s with IGO42s, our brochure has been updated to reflect the fleet in 2018.

A copy of the version is available to download from the website or better still, give us a call and we can visit you on site to give you a copy in person!

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the brochure (20Mb)